Restorative Dentistry in Pearland: Crowning Achievements

Restorative Dentistry in Pearland

Today’s post looks at one of the miracles of this century, restorative dentistry in Pearland. Let’s pretend you are a biomedical engineer working in the field of dentistry before the conception of dental restorations. The men and women of your generation who have missing or damaged teeth want to repair or replace them with a man-made substitute. You have been hired to find or create a material that can be used to construct fillings, crowns, and dental bridges.

Requirements for Dental Restorations

Consider the physical and chemical requirements of this incredible material. It must sustain forces of 162 pounds per square inch (PSI), hundreds of times a day – day after day, year after year. It must be resistant to cracking and chipping. But there’s a catch regarding its strength; it must not damage the enamel on opposing teeth. This material must also maintain its size and shape and be resistant to shrinking.

It must be bondable to living tooth structure as well as other materials necessary for specific appliances. It must be biocompatible with the soft tissues in the mouth as well as tooth enamel, dentin, and bone. It can’t generate allergic reactions in the wearers. It must be corrosion-resistant to the chemicals in saliva, foods, and beverages. It must resist infection regardless of ever-present bacteria in the mouth. And it can’t contain toxic chemicals that could be absorbed into the bloodstream. And we haven’t even considered the aesthetics yet. Ideally, this amazing material would look identical to genuine teeth in color, opacity, and translucence.

Modern Restorative Dentistry in Pearland

Of course, we know that such an item exists because dental restorations have been around for a long time. Nowadays, there are numerous materials used alone or in combination including porcelain, ceramic, gold, and silver amalgam. Though the metals are exceptionally strong and malleable, they don’t meet some patient’s aesthetic requirements and are used mainly for back teeth. It is interesting to note that porcelain, one of the ideal materials used in modern restorations, was developed over 2000 years ago in China.

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Dr. David Montz Can Provide You with Crowns for Teeth for a More Beautiful Smile

By Kevin Kramer

For patients who have experienced trauma resulting in damage to teeth, crowns for teeth will give you a more beautiful smile. Dr. David Montz provides crowns as well as other dental treatments that are designed to give his patients a healthier and more attractive smile. He offers CEREC or same day crowns that will return your smile to its original state. In addition to crowns, Dr. Montz can discuss other options with you. He offers Lumineers as well as various other dental services that will help to protect your teeth. If you need braces, he can discuss Invisalign invisible braces with you as well.

As a leading cosmetic dentist in Houston, Dr. Montz has performed many dental procedures. During your first appointment, Dr. Montz will provide you with a thorough dental examination. Once this examination is complete he will offer you a diagnosis and a plan of treatment. He will ensure that you understand the treatment that you require and that all of your questions are answered. His goal is to provide his patients with the best in dental care to ensure that their teeth and gums remain healthy and that they receive the beautiful smile that will boost their confidence.

Whether you need crowns due to an injury to your teeth, are considering braces to straighten your teeth or you have other dental needs, Dr. Montz and his staff will see that you receive the beautiful smile that you want. Feel free to read more by visiting our website or contact us directly and schedule your initial appointment with Dr. David Montz today.

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Dr. Montz Can Provide You with Crowns for Teeth in as Little as One Day

Beth Bowes-Carter

If you are in need of crowns for teeth, Dr. David Montz can help. Dr. Montz provides a variety of cosmetic procedures and can complete your crowns in just one visit in many cases. He stays updated with the latest in dental technology and offers CEREC crowns that can be produced for you while you wait. If you have a tooth that needs a crown, you no longer have to spend countless hours at the dental office and weeks waiting for it to be completed. Dr. Montz can fit you with CEREC crowns and give you back your beautiful smile in just one day’s time.

Dr. Montz is a trusted and respected cosmetic dentist in Houston. His patients prefer him for the most comprehensive dental treatments in the region. He cares about your smile and your dental health and will take the time to consult with you and help you to determine the best course of treatment for your dental issues. The CEREC process uses 3-D technology to design your crowns which are then sent to a milling unit located directly in the dentist’s office. This ensures that you get the crowns that you need to protect your teeth and smile in just one day.

Whether you need crowns, Invisalign braces, Lumineers or other dental services, Dr. Montz and his staff are ready to give you a beautiful smile. Feel free to read more on our website or contact our office to schedule your initial appointment with Dr. David Montz today.

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Contact Dr. David Montz for Quality Crowns for Teeth in Just One Day

If you have experienced trauma to your teeth that has resulted in a number of your teeth being damaged, crowns for teeth will help you to regain your smile. Dr. David Montz will prepare crowns for your teeth that will match your existing teeth and give you back your smile. He can fit you for same day CEREC crowns that will have you smiling again in no time. Crowns are used to cover damages to the teeth and can provide you with a much more natural looking smile than replacing those teeth with dentures. Dr. Montz provides quality CEREC crowns as well as Lumineers to give you back the smile that you love.

Dr. Montz is a qualified and experienced dentist in Pearland, TX who will meet all of your dental needs. Your first visit to our office will consist of a thorough oral examination and a consultation with Dr. Montz who will discuss your dental needs and your expectations. He will then recommend the treatment that is best for your individual situation. If you need crowns, he will use the latest technology to provide you with custom restorations that will perfectly match your existing teeth and give you a completely natural look.

Whether you need crowns, Lumineers, Invisalign or teeth whitening, Dr. Montz will provide you with quality dental services that will perfect your smile and give you back your confidence. Feel free to read more on our website or contact our office to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Montz today.


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