Dr. David Montz Gets Stellar Teeth Whitening Reviews from His Whitening Systems

Categories: Teeth Whitening

Written by: Seth Greener

Dr. David Montz has been receiving stellar teeth whitening reviews from the whitening systems that he uses. If you would like to have stains removed from your teeth and have your smile whitened, Dr. Montz can help. He uses Zoom! Whitening and Boost Whitening systems to provide his patients with beautifully white and bright smiles. The gels are perfectly safe for use and provide results in about an hour. You can have your smile brightened on your lunch hour and walk out of the office with teeth that are up to eight shades whiter.

If you are wondering “how much is teeth whitening”, Dr. Montz can answer this and other questions. He will take the time to ensure that you understand how the whitening system works and what you can expect from your results. If you have done your research and feel that an at-home system will better meet your needs, we offer those as well. Dr. Montz will provide you with custom trays that are fitted to your teeth and the professional whitening solution that will give you a more beautiful smile. Many patients have seen major differences in their smiles in just 10 to 14 days after using a home treatment.

Having a beautiful smile will give you confidence and Dr. Montz wants you to enjoy a higher level of self-esteem. For more information about our teeth whitening systems, you can browse our website or contact our office to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. David Montz today.

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