Dr. David Montz Is a Qualified and Experienced Cosmetic Dentist in Houston

Categories: Cosmetic Dentistry

Kevin Kramer

If you are in need of a cosmetic dentist in Houston, Dr. David Montz can help. Dr. Montz has several years of experience and offers the most updated treatment options available. He knows that your smile is a large part of who you are and believes that everyone deserves a beautiful smile. If you have issues with your teeth and/or gums and you want to have a smile that you are proud to show, Dr. Montz can help you to determine which specific treatment is best for your unique situation. He offers a variety of procedures from teeth whitening to Invisalign that are designed to promote oral health and beautiful smiles.

If you are wondering “how much is teeth whitening?” or you have other questions, Dr. Montz will be glad to consult with you and will ensure that all of your questions are answered. Whether you need stains removed from your teeth, have gaps or crooked teeth that you want straightened or you need crowns, he will ensure that you receive the highest quality of dental care. During your first visit, he will thoroughly inspect your teeth and gums and then formulate a treatment plan that is specific to your needs. He will ensure that you know exactly what to expect and what your treatment results will be.

Dr. Montz wants you to have the beautiful smile that you want. He offers a number of options to help you to obtain that perfect smile. Feel free to visit our website to learn more or contact us today and schedule your initial appointment with Dr. David Montz.

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