Implants Make Life Better For Pearland Denture Wearers

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Friendswood tooth implants

The condition of your teeth has a significant impact on your quality of life. Houston denture wearers understand this all too well. The path from healthy teeth to a toothless mouth is downhill. Tooth decay and gum disease are painful. Treatments such as fillings and root canals are costly and inconvenient. If the teeth can’t…

David C. Montz DDS, PA Guide To Healthy Tooth Enamel

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David C. Montz DDS, PA & Associates - Family, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry Guide To Healthy Tooth Enamel

Here at David C. Montz DDS, PA & Associates – Family, Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry, we want your teeth to last a lifetime! Tooth enamel is one of the hardest parts of the body, but it is non-renewable so it is important not to neglect or abuse our teeth. Daily teeth and gum care is the best way to protect tooth enamel.

Crooked Teeth And Cavities

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fast braces Pearland

Many dental patients in and around Houston hold the belief that orthodontists only change the look of your teeth. Consequently, they think that the only reason to find an orthodontist in the Friendswood, Alvin, or Manvel area is if you are interested in cosmetic dentistry.

Healthy Lifestyles For Healthy Lifesmiles

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Pearland dentist teeth whitening

You are probably familiar with most of these recommendations, but it is helpful to get a reminder once in a while. We encourage all of our patients to maintain a lifestyle that promotes dental health as well as overall physical health. After all, the two are inseparable.