Laughing Gas

Laughing Gas for Pearland, Texas Dental Patients

This mild sedation dentistry option is well-known for improving patient comfort.

Laughing gas dentist Friendswood and Manvel to conquer fear of the dentist PearlandPatient anxiety has long caused prospective patients to avoid even basic cleanings and exams, and this is a problem that dentists want to overcome. We want you to come see us; it’s essential for your oral health, and nothing is more important to us than that. One way that our dentists have found to help anxious patients is with laughing gas sedation dentistry at our Friendswood and Pearland, Texas dental offices. The more we can do to make you comfortable with laughing gas or one of our other sedation dentistry options, the more you’ll want to visit Dr. David C. Montz & Associates.

Because laughing gas is safe, effective, efficient, and mild, many patients prefer this method of dental sedation. You simply inhale the laughing gas, and within moments the pleasurable effects take hold. They wear off fairly quickly, making it easy for you to achieve the optimum level of sedation for you. And because the effects are mild and do wear off so quickly, you don’t have to trouble yourself with finding someone to drive you to and from dental appointments.

Many patients like to enhance their cleanings, exams, and other simple dental procedures with laughing gas at our Pearland and Friendswood dentist offices. The benefits of laughing gas include:

  • Imrpoved comfort and a more pleasurable experience
  • Safe and effective dental sedation
  • Shorter recovery time than other forms of sedation
  • Easy to administer and control

Laughing gas induces a feeling of warmth and euphoria, and many people call it “laughing gas” because of the happy feelings it can cause. If it’s your first time receiving laughing gas, we’ll thoroughly describe to you what to expect. You’ll wear a mask that delivers the laughing gas mixed with oxygen, and you control your level of sedation by the number of breaths you take while wearing the mask. You don’t have to be suffering from dental anxiety to opt for laughing gas. It can also help make sitting in the dental chair for a longer period of time more comfortable in general. Ask us at your next appointment if laughing gas might be right for you.

To learn more about our other sedation dentistry options, visit our sedation dentistry page. At Dr. David C. Montz & Associates in Friendswood and Pearland, Texas, we’re committed to making sure every patient feels comfortable during every visit.

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