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Lumineers Enhance Texas Smiles

prepless veneers for teeth Pearland and FriendswoodAt Montz & Maher Dental Group, we revitalize the damaged smiles of Pearland patients with both traditional porcelain veneers and the revolutionary cosmetic option of Lumineers and DURAthin Veneers. Veneers for teeth are often a comprehensive smile solution for patients seeking to correct a variety of smile flaws. And prepless veneers have the added advantage of taking much less preparation and placement time, meaning you can have your new smile ready to go in two treatment visits—or less!

What are Lumineers and DURAthin Veneers?

Lumineers and DURAthin Veneers are both veneers for teeth. These very thin dental laminates allow us to transform patient smiles with minimal to no tooth preparation. This is why Lumineers and DURAthin Veneers are called “prepless veneers.” The biggest difference between prepless veneers and traditional porcelain veneers is that Lumineers and DURAthin Veneers can be placed without having to reduce any tooth structure.

Are prepless veneers the right smile enhancement solution?

Lumineers dental veneer Pearland and ManvelFor most patients seeking veneers for teeth, Lumineers and DURAthin dental veneers are terrific smile-enhancement options. If you have cosmetic tooth flaws such as staining, gaps, cracks, chips, or overlaps, prepless veneers may benefit your smile! Tooth veneers are sometimes called “instant orthodontics,” because they can correct the look of crowded and crooked teeth. If you’re interested in Lumineers, DURAthin Veneers, or traditional porcelain veneers, our Pearland cosmetic dentists will review your individual case and suggest the best type of tooth veneers that will make your smile exquisite.

What are the benefits of prepless veneers?

The biggest benefit of prepless veneers for teeth is that both Lumineers and DURAthin Veneers can be removed. Because reduction of enamel is not necessary and only minimal etching is required, prepless veneers can be removed and you will still have your full natural smile. Traditional porcelain veneers, on the other hand, are a permanent solution requiring a lifetime commitment. Other benefits of Lumineers and DURAthin Veneers include:

  • No drilling required
  • Little to no discomfort during the placement procedure
  • Corrects a variety of cosmetic issues such as stains, gaps, and chips
  • Provides a permanent whitening solution
  • Offers a natural, uniform look
  • A suitable alternative to orthodontics
  • Can be placed on old crowns and bridgework
  • Are durable and long-lasting
  • Gives patients a more youthful appearance

How do I find out more about prepless veneers?

You can visit the websites of Lumineers and DURAthin Veneers. But the best way to learn more about prepless veneers is to make a consultation appointment at our Pearland and Friendswood cosmetic dental practices. One of our experienced dentists will review your smile and give you all the best options for enhancing the look of your teeth. We’ll answer all your questions and help you understand the entire process before you commit to your prepless veneers.

CALL OUR OFFICE today to schedule an appointment for friendly, unparalleled family and cosmetic dentistry if you are in the Friendswood – Pearland area, including Manvel TX!

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