Bacterial Diagnostic Testing

If you have gum pain, it could be a sign of a deeper problem. Our office is uniquely equipped to diagnose and treat gum disease and other oral conditions. We use OralDNA testing to diagnose your specific condition.

What Is Bacterial Diagnostic Testing?

oralbacteria1Bacterial diagnostic testing is a new diagnostic technology that very few offices have available. This leading edge technology is an advanced way to gather more in-depth information about your oral health. With what we learn from testing at our Pearland, Texas, dental office, we can provide highly customized dental treatment plans for our patients.

Focusing on risk factors helps us improve dental care because of the various tests that cover a range of issues. Bacterial diagnostic testing can improve your preventive dental care and help us diagnose problems before they ever occur.

How Does Bacterial Diagnostic Testing Work?

Our team will take a sample of your saliva and send it to a lab that performs the bacterial diagnostic testing for various highly destructive bacteria. We can find bacteria that increases your risk of gum disease, decay, and HPV. Many people don’t know that HPV can increase your risk of oral cancer, so bacterial diagnostic testing can help us personalize your future oral care.

Bacterial diagnostic testing to identify specific bacteria that cause periodontal disease will help us get a more specific treatment set up for destructive and common dental problems. We can determine your genetic susceptibility to help you come up with a plan to prevent serious issues. Come see our dentists twice a year and brush and floss as recommended, but if you’re at increased risk for periodontal disease, we can recommend an additional treatment plan.

Bacterial diagnostic testing can also help us find out if you have HPV present in your mouth. One of the most common viruses, HPV can make you more susceptible to oral cancer. Diagnosis gives us a keener eye for symptoms of oral cancer so we can catch it and provide early treatment.


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