Family Dentistry

Looking for a Dentist for Your Family?

family dentistry Friendswood and ManvelAt our family dentistry practice, Dr. Montz, Dr. Maher, Dr. Dunwody, and our team offer a variety of services for both children and adults, including regular checkups, crowns and fillings, and teeth whitening. For a friendly family dental experience, come see our skilled team at work.

Regular Checkups at Our Family Dentistry Practice

Six-month check-ups are a great way for our family dentists to check for cavities, infections, oral cancer, and other issues. Catching these problems early can keep your smile healthy and happy. During regular professional cleanings, our dental hygienists are trained to remove plaque, which will prevent gum disease and tooth decay. Our final polishing will make your smile shine!

Our Exam & Cleaning Process

During a routine dental check-up, maintaining oral health is the prime focus. The process generally follows a systematic approach. First, a hygienist tackles the dental cleaning, ensuring teeth are free from unwanted build-up. The subsequent examination by the dentist identifies potential concerns to ensure early intervention if needed. Here’s a breakdown:

  1. Review of dental and medical history.
  2. Digital X-rays (if necessary) to detect unseen problems.
  3. Removal of plaque and tartar using specialized tools.
  4. Polishing teeth to eradicate surface stains.
  5. Detailed oral examination to check for signs of decay, gum disease, and other issues.
  6. Discussion and recommendations based on findings.

These steps work in tandem to promote oral well-being and address potential problems proactively.

Dental Home Care for Your Family

Keeping up with routine brushing and flossing is the best way to ensure your oral health. We will show you the correct brushing and flossing techniques, products, and tools so you can do your part to keep your teeth and gums clean. If you have questions about your homecare routine, please ask our Friendswood or Pearland family dentistry professionals for help.

“My children actually look forward to coming to the dentist!”

—Becky, Family Dentistry Patient

Protecting Your Family’s Dental Health

family dentists Pearland and Manvel for family dental healthProtect your family’s teeth with good hygiene and regular checkups. For added protection, we recommend dental sealants and fluoride supplements. Dental sealants use a thin layer of biocompatible plastic to create a protective seal on your teeth.

When you come in for a cleaning, our dental hygienist can also provide fluoride supplements. Fluoride supplements are applied by brushing a varnish coating on your teeth to help with sensitivity and long-term protection.

Patient Education from Our Family Dentists

Our family dentists in Friendswood or Pearland, Texas, are excited to talk to you and your children about keeping your teeth and gums healthy. Make sure to ask any questions you have about regular care for your teeth so we can help you get the best results for your efforts.

To learn more about the best care methods for you and your family, click here.

Give Your Family Access to Great Smiles

Call our office to schedule a visit with our friendly family dentist if you are in the Friendswood area, including Manvel!

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