Pearland Dental News: Poor Oral Health And Heart Disease

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Attention Pearland dental patients: brushing twice daily may help lower your risk of heart disease. Texas scientists, dentists, and cardiologists have known for many years that there is a link between inflammation in the mouth (gum disease) and heart problems. However, a recent study analyzed oral health habits and heart disease risk. Science Daily reported on the study which was published in the British Medical Journal.

Quirky Dental Facts That May Surprise You

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In today’s Pearland Dentistry post, we share some fun facts about dentistry. Enjoy!

Many dental patients are aware that before there was formal dental training and licensing, barbers often performed dental procedures. But did you know that blacksmiths also moonlighted as dentists?1 How would you like your dental visit to involve tools used to hammer hot metal?

Bright Smiles In Manvel

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Hello Manvel! Do you want brighter, whiter teeth? Most Manvel folks notice their teeth dulling as the years go by, but some foods, drinks, and even mouthwashes can stain teeth at any age.

Eruption Charts: Not As Scary As They Sound

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Hello Houston! Thanks for visiting the Pearland dental blog. Today we’re talking about eruption charts and what they are used for.

First, an eruption chart is simply a listing of the different types of teeth in the mouth and when, on average, they come out, or ‘erupt’, from the gums.

Healthy Lifestyles For Healthy Lifesmiles

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You are probably familiar with most of these recommendations, but it is helpful to get a reminder once in a while. We encourage all of our patients to maintain a lifestyle that promotes dental health as well as overall physical health. After all, the two are inseparable.

Filtered Pearland Water And Oral Health

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Filtered Pearland Water And Dental Health

A simple way for Houston residents to choose beverages that won’t harm their teeth is to keep it simple and make water their go-to drink. However, for safety, thrift, and convenience, many dental patients choose to drink bottled water or filter it themselves at home. Filtered water can be detrimental to dental health if it…