Dr. Montz Can Provide You with Crowns for Teeth in as Little as One Day

Beth Bowes-Carter

If you are in need of crowns for teeth, Dr. David Montz can help. Dr. Montz provides a variety of cosmetic procedures and can complete your crowns in just one visit in many cases. He stays updated with the latest in dental technology and offers CEREC crowns that can be produced for you while you wait. If you have a tooth that needs a crown, you no longer have to spend countless hours at the dental office and weeks waiting for it to be completed. Dr. Montz can fit you with CEREC crowns and give you back your beautiful smile in just one day’s time.

Dr. Montz is a trusted and respected cosmetic dentist in Houston. His patients prefer him for the most comprehensive dental treatments in the region. He cares about your smile and your dental health and will take the time to consult with you and help you to determine the best course of treatment for your dental issues. The CEREC process uses 3-D technology to design your crowns which are then sent to a milling unit located directly in the dentist’s office. This ensures that you get the crowns that you need to protect your teeth and smile in just one day.

Whether you need crowns, Invisalign braces, Lumineers or other dental services, Dr. Montz and his staff are ready to give you a beautiful smile. Feel free to read more on our website or contact our office to schedule your initial appointment with Dr. David Montz today.

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